"What lies behind us and what lies before us are
tiny matters compared to what lies within us."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sports Performance Psychology

The pursuit of excellence is a journey of meeting the edge of our comfort zone again and again, and out on the edge is where the greatest pressure is felt. Out on the edge is also where the escalating degree of difficulty can start to break us down. But out on the edge is where we are most challenged to bring forth our finest natural abilities, and it is where our greatest accomplishments await. That’s exactly why top performers go there. They look for the edge. They push the edge.

One of the biggest obstacles to our success when we are operating out on the edge is our lack of knowledge about the emotional powers we possess, even though the sources of these powers are rather ordinary and generally available to the average person. The ability to summon and direct one’s emotional energy and mental focus can make an extraordinary difference in how an individual performs in the most challenging and meaningful situations.

Working with Dr. Brennan you will learn to:

Develop winning thinking patterns to help improve focus and control intensity
• Increase self-confidence in your ability to perform at your best consistently
• Maintain mental and emotional intensity throughout your performance
• Prevent anger and frustration from negatively effecting your performance
• Consistently convert setbacks into comebacks
• Produce your best efforts under pressure



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Over the years, Dr. Brennan has been a valuable asset to our players, staff, and especially to me for his ability to observe, assess and teach the dimensions of individual and group performance. I trust his judgment, knowledge and discretion and I place a great deal of weight on his feedback. "

-Jay Wright, Head Coach
Villanova Basketball

The above is Dr. Brennan working with athletes.

James P. Brennan, Ph. D.
Human Performance Specialist
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